Looking back at 2018. Bought House Promoted at work Spoke at South Florida Code Camp Skylar was born Spoke at SQL Saturday Orlando & Tampa Improved coding skills (ML, Py, R, C#, Go, DAX, M) Ocean turned 3 Promoted at work again Contributed to open-source project BrentOzarULTD/SQL-Server-First-Responder-Kit (#1809) Accepted into SQLEAP Built 3 AI Bots… Continue reading 2018

SQL Server Always On – Monitor The Redo_Queue_Size

Cause sometimes you need to check why replication is slow or halted. For example, like during an IO storm - no hurricane pun intended. Say you have transnational replication over an Always On (SQL Server Availability Groups) environment that's a publisher. To see in the Dashboard just add the column, this is what it looks… Continue reading SQL Server Always On – Monitor The Redo_Queue_Size

Hack / Protect / Predict – SQL Server (Slides for SQL Saturday Orlando 801)

Hi, I'm excited to share with you that I'll be presenting this Saturday, October 6, 2018, at SQL Saturday Orlando. The most fun SQL Saturday event I've attended. It's going to be my first time announcing this content on SQL Server 2019 (currently ctp 2) and SSMS 18 preview 4. Plus, maybe playing SQL Family Feud.… Continue reading Hack / Protect / Predict – SQL Server (Slides for SQL Saturday Orlando 801)

Hurdles of Encryption – Refresh X from Y

In short, sys.dm_database_encryption_keys allowed to see the encryption state and I found the system was in progress of decrypting the database. The hurdle originated while trying to restore encrypted database backups generated by Prod svr(s) to Dev svr(s). The lower env needed the Prod keys to decrypt the Prod backup files. While trying to restore… Continue reading Hurdles of Encryption – Refresh X from Y