My Schedule @ PASS Summit 2017

Here’s my week’s schedule – narrowed down with help of friends, for my 1st time at SQL PASS Summit 2017 in Seattle, WA.

Here’s the full conference schedule:

My Schedule:


Mon: Data Modeling with Power BI (603, Marco)

Tues: Columnstore Indexes – Practical Solutions & Techniques (606, Niko)



1015am: Benchmarking & Testing In-Memory OLTP Performance (603, Amit)

1045am: T-SQL Tips and Tricks (6B, Itzik – schedule overlap)

1230pm: Intro to Pass (612, Kevin)

130pm: Hacking SQL Server (603, Andre)

315pm: Unlock the Power of your Data by Integrating Analytics into your Line-of-Business Apps (3AB, Lukasz/Matt)

445pm: Inside SQL Server 2017 on Linux (603, Bob)


1015am: Comprehensive Guide for Monitoring (606, Alex) or Making Dev Easier with 2016 (2AB, Samir)

1045am: Exploring Why UDFs and Nested Views Hinder the Query Optimizer (6C, Andy) or  Your Complete BI Toolbelt (6C, Paul – schedule overlap)

130pm: Delivering Hiperf analytics with Columnstore index (6B, Kevin) or Zero to hero perf made easier (606, Pedro) or 2017 deep dive (612 Travis/Tobias). [VERY DIFFICULT DECISION]

315pm: Devops with SQL 2017 (3AB, Eric/Sanjai) or Experience SQL 2017 The Fast and Furious (6E, Bob).

445pm: Everything about partitioning (6A, Dmitri) or  Secrets of the query optimizer revealed using traceflag 86xx (6E, Kevin).


8am: 2017 intelligent diagnostics (2AB, Parikshit/Pedro)

930am: But it worked in dev – 3 hard perf problems (6B, Brent) or Real-time analytics OLAP & OLTP in the mix (Tahoma 2 – TCC3, Stijn).

11am: Whos on First? SQL Server Statistics & Dynamic PowerBI Visuals (2AB, William/Patrick)

1115am: InMemOLTP panel discussion (6A, Niko/Ned/Bob/Tejas/Kevin – schedule overlap)

1pm: Staying involved w/PASS (612, Kevin)

2pm: Use biml to automate SSIS design patterns (6C, Andy) or Perfmon monitoring using xEvents, DMVs & Query Store (603, Ola) or Avoid common DB pitfalls with SSDTS and VS2017 (606, Eric/Sanjay/Kevin). [DIFFICULT DECISION]

330pm: SQL Svr Replication a deeper look under the covers (612, William) or Linux Admin for the SQL DBA (3AB, David/Bob)

If you’d like to talk about a particular session, feel free to message me. If you’re at the conference, I hope to meet you.



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