DBA Makes His Own Super Bowl LII Ad.

While my friends and family enjoyed the game, my uncle and I worked rigorously to make this video. During SuperBowl LII we edited the clip and barely got to watch the game. This was VERY hard to make, but I am happy to share the finished clip. After a few lessons learned, I plan to make it better next time.

If you are interested in seeing it, pls direct message me with a brief note as to why,  and lmk your gmail or youtube email address to grant you access.

I’m still letting it preview privately, for now, to collect some feedback before I set it public.


Here are some behind the scenes shots.



Here’s the game recap.


TITLE: 5 Questions from CIOs to SQL DBAs and Developers

Hi, I’m Hiram and I’m a Database Administrator and Developer. I am recording this video to answer 5 questions I got recently from CIOs.

The first one is, what have you done regarding DB high availability to assist with the implementation of Active/Active solutions?

<See video: Answer 1 goes here>

The second question is, can you deconstruct how you solved an issue to optimize infrastructure or fixed a crippling issue that halted a company’s productivity and growth?

<See video: Answer 2 goes here>

The third question one is, how well do you work with software developers and what do you think about them?

<See video: Answer 3 goes here>

The fourth question is, have you found a bug in SQL Server that the engineers didn’t know about that caused corruption, etc?

<well, you get the point>

The last question is, what experience do you have with automation, AI and data science?

<and the last one goes here…>

Well, thank you for watching and pls feel free to post more questions in the section below.

If you’re interested in seeing some of the code I mentioned, pls check out my GitHub.

Have a great day!

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