Encryption and Database Source Control

Since returning from PASS Summit, I spent a rigorous amount of time developing slides & demos to share the latest technologies I learned, attempting to deliver on my pact with my CIO and Director.

Yesterday, I delivered the 2nd round on that promise and received great feedback. PS. Shopping for a new tie.

I intentionally focused on these two items (Encryption and Database Source Control) because they quickly became follow-up items after my first presentation.

This shows how to protect data-in-transit with a setting that’s been around since SQL Server 2000!

Ref: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/316898/how-to-enable-ssl-encryption-for-an-instance-of-sql-server-by-using-mi



This is the 2nd session part of the SQL PASS Summit 2017 Summary presentations. I walk through code demos, implantations and tests in-depth with the audience’s interaction.


  • Demos
  • Follow-up resources
  • Raffle


  • Force Encryption (TDS Protocol Setting, Connection String Option, Load Test Comparison)
  • Database Source Control (TFS/GitHub)

Resources: http://goo.gl/BqfYSi

GitHub: https://github.com/hfleitas

Special thx to Universal Property for all the support!

Thank you,


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