Enable Source Control in SSMS

Edit this file as administrator. Ref the correct path. I am using SSMS 17.8.1. or latest.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\140\Tools\Binn\ManagementStudio\ssms.pkgundef

Uncomment the following block and save.
Relaunch SSMS, Tools, Options, Source Control, Plug-in Selection, VSTFS.
You should see a Team menu at the top Menu bar.
Must have VS2015 installed!

Troubleshooting info:
Exit SSMS, rename:
1. subfolder 14.0 in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\SQL Server Management Studio\
2. reg key 14.0_Config in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\SQL Server Management Studio\


ssms tfs scc config before


ssms tfs scc config afterSource Control Plug-in:

ssms source control plugin

Click Team, Manage Connections, Add your TFS server.

Team Explorer:ssms team explorer



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