My Schedule @ PASS Summit 2018

This was my 2nd time attending the annual conference and I barely got a chance to plan my schedule ahead of time. I pretty much selected the pre-con(s) the same day they were announced months prior, but not the general conference sessions until 2 days before my flight to Seattle, WA.

I compiled this list on 11/2/18 and asked for feedback at work. The feedback was simple.

Go to what you think will be best for our organization. You know our CIO likes the machine learning and bots stuff.

Perfect. So did I. 🙂

Well here was the list.



Nov 5 Mon: Performance-Centric T-SQL

Nov 6 Tues: Modernize Your SQL Server with Bob Ward, the Tiger Team, and CSS Escalation Engineers

Conference Sessions:

Nov 7 Wed:

10:15 AM: Introducing Azure SQL Database Hyperscale

(Overlaps) 10:45 AM: On-Prem SQL Servers, Interstellar Performance

1:30 PM: Building a Modern Data Warehouse on Azure

3:15 PM: Architecting for Scalability and Performance in Hybrid Workloads

4:45 PM: Architecting a Highly Available Database Platform with SQL Server

Nov 8 Thurs:

10:15 AM: Meet the Modern SQL Server: Graph and Machine Learning Services

(Overlaps) 10:45 AM: Inside Columnstore Indexes

1:30 PM: Top 5 Power BI Custom Visuals

3:15 PM: An Introduction to Partitioning

4:45 PM: PowerShell for BI Pros: Automating SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, and Power BI

Nov 8 Friday:

8 AM: AI at Your Service – Creating Enterprise-Scale AI and Bots

9:30 AM: Transform your Business Using Intelligent Bots

AI for Knowledge Mining – Intelligently Search and Act Upon all Your Enterprise Data

11 AM: KPIs from the Field

2 PM: Inside SQL Server with Containers

3:30 PM: Modeling Data and Best Practices for Azure Cosmos DB


What transpired was a bit different – see next post. I later binged the highlight sessions which were pretty great, plus keynotes, on PASStv when they were published.

If you got to attend the conference in-person or on the live stream, I hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully, I get to attend next year as well.



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