Wanna join me at South Florida Code Camp?

On Saturday, March 2nd of 2019 I’m presenting 2 sessions.

Join me for South FL Code Camp 2019 at Nova South Eastern University in the Carl DeSantis building. You can register for this one-day free learning event here.

This year I am presenting 2 sessions.

Real-time Sentiment Prediction in SQL Server
Track: SQL/BI – Room 2067
Time:  9:50AM-11:00AM
I’ll show you from start to finish how to use Machine Learning to predict a sentiment in real-time with Python and SQL Server (On-Premise).

It’s a’Bot Time
Track: Azure/Cloud 3 – Room 2066
Time:  2:40PM-3:50PM
I’ll show you how to go from FAQ to Bot in minutes. I have 6 demos that will help you deploy AI everywhere. Either as internal bot(s) for HR, Operations or external your public websites. My agenda for this talk is demo heavy; that’s for you to take home all the content and make the best of it. This presentation is suited for everyone, including code newbies.

Looking forward to all the great content being presented plus catching up with my fellow friends Sam Mesel and Jorge Besada at the event. I recommend you check out their sessions as well.

See you there!


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