The DBA Workout – Literally!

This isn’t that DBA workout you’ve probably heard of before. This is literally what it’s titled.

LEVEL: Beginner

I meant to post this on January, because if you’re like me, I had to shed a couple of pounds. Call it what you want, the tech 15, daddy weight, baby weight, whatever…

Whoa, that was loaded. Not calling anyone fat or anything, so I apologize now if you’re offended. The point, this workout helped me tremendously to loose 20lbs the 1st month and 50lbs in 3 months, increase muscle density, stamina, endurance, lower blood pressure and risk of illness. Alternatively, you can join a fitness club, etc, take a year and spend a ton of money.

WARNING: Please seek a medical professional and dietitian before attempting this. I am not a professional physical trainer in no way shape or form. This is not an ad, nor paid advertising. I am simply sharing this workout.

CARDIO: (yup) – Treadmill

  1. Walk at 3.8 speed for 3 minutes
  2. Run at 4.8 speed for 2 minutes
  3. Repeat 1-2 for 15 minutes
  4. Walk backwards at 2.8 speed for 15 minutes – This will feel awkward at first, just do it.
  5. Complete 30 minutes.
  6. Repeat 1-4 for another 30 minutes

That’s 1 hr. You’re done!

Do this preferably Mon-Sat or every other day. In about 2 weeks you should feel stronger and ready for the next level. I will post the next level soon. Meanwhile, do the same Cardio mentioned above 2x a day as that next level. I can tell you that in those first 2 weeks I lost 19lbs of water weight in combination with proper dieting. Nutrition is key!!! You must consume less than what you burn to loose weight, or you must burn more than what you consume. With proper moderation this is very achievable.

NUTRITION: (simple)

  1. Your meats are Turkey burgers, Salmon or Chicken breast – season to taste and grill’em. Keep sodium to a minimum – meaning low salt.
  2. Your sides are broccoli and sweet potato, boil’em.
  3. Your breakfast is Oatmeal in water – I add berries.
  4. Your snacks are almonds (cocoa), green apples and grape fruit. The grapefruit is key! Grapefruit juice works too.
  5. Portions are normal, fist size per group.
  6. Drink water like a fish. You should be consuming close to 2 liters per meal and easily 2 liters during the workout – pee like a race horse.

That’s it- eat when you’re hungry. The schedule is flexible. Start by 8am and finish by 9pm. If it’s migration/emergency day or you’re screwed. You need to control that! Don’t let anyone ever tell you what to do specially when it impacts your health negatively. No beer, no bread, no rice, no cheese, no milk, and definitely no pizza! More on beer later. Cheese and milk are okay but the almonds help tremendously treat those cravings. If you must have cheese, keep it to a minimum, use fat-free lactose free cheese. Same goes for milk.

You don’t want to eat red meat (steak) at night and you should be eating every 2 hours if possible to accelerate your metabolism. Additionally, supplement with 1 lecithin pill per day (lecithin is good to regenerate your liver from all the abuse it’s had) and/or a multi-vitamin. Honestly, I supplement with Cuban coffee 2x a day with low sugar (real sugar), Cellucor CLK and HD – 1 pill each 2x a day after breakfast and before lunch. This is basically caffeine and B12 if you prefer to consume a different supplement its okay, but seek the advise of a physician medical professional and dietitian first.

Additionally, if you drink wine, liquor or beer – STOP. Beer is kryptonite no matter what anyone tells you or you tell yourself. If you must have a drink, have 1 glass of liquor like tequila or whiskey or wine till eventually you can stop drinking completely. Gradually cut down to maybe one every few days, till none or every 2 weeks or month and longer. If you’re vegan or can’t eat those items, please seek a professional dietitian.

Lastly, special thanks to my friend Tony Miro (786-718-0300, which helped me get back in shape and take control of my health again. He’s a professional trainer in South Florida area and I strongly recommend him.

Do you want more advise like this or not? Do you have another workout you’d like to share? Feel free to comment below.



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