Video: It’s a’Bot Time

This is candid recording of the live presentation I gave at Nova University on the afternoon of March 2nd, 2019 with South Florida Code Camp 2019. You can see the event info in my previous post.

I am made this recording for the attendees that were interested to play it back at their own pace. If there’s anything recorded that you feel should be redacted, please email

DISCLAIMER: The following video is a candid capture of me giving the live presentation. It’s not super professional in any way. The audio or video may not be perfect, so adjust the volume on your device as needed during playback. The video and slides are not licensed for distribution, edit or sell for anyone, except the owner Hiram Fleitas. This video is not intended to exceed the quality of attending a live presentation.

Video 1st Part (26 minutes):

Video 2nd Part (25 minutes):



  • (Inspect)
  • Web App Bot
  • Channels such as Web-Chat & Microsoft Teams (App Studio)
  • Bot Source Code (App Service Editor, Visual Studio, Local deployment, Default Answer)
  • Postman Client (score) & Bot Framework Emulator (ngrok)
  • Bot Analytics & Monitoring with Azure Application Insights (Storage Explorer)
  • Resources (x3)


  1. Blog:
  2. Slides & Scripts:
  3. Pixar: WALL-E, WALL-E Character
  4. What is QnA Maker? Learn more
  5. Visual: Overview.png
  6. Creating a KB: Learn more
  7. Create and answer from KB: Tutorial
  8. Create a QnA Bot with Azure Bot Service v3: Tutorial
  9. Data sources supported: Types
  10. Chit-Chat: Personalities
  11. Get answers from KB: Using Postman, Using cURL
  12. Microsoft AI: AI School Learning Paths
  13. Handoff to human: Transition conversations
  14. Advanced Web-Chat: Options
  15. Build a QnA Maker Bot in Minutes: Video
  16. Modern FAQ – QnA Bot in Microsoft Teams: Video
  17. Intelligent Bots: Presentation
  18. Bot Analytics: Learn more
  19. Bot Storage: Learn more
  20. QnA Maker Cognitive-Service: Pricing
  21. QnA Maker Azure Search: Pricing
  22. Bot: Pricing
  23. GitHub: WALL-E (2018)
  24. BotFramework-Emulator: Download
  25. ngrok:
  26. Tunneling (ngrok): Wiki
  27. Connect Bot to Services LUIS, QnA Maker, Dispatch: Learn more
  28. Postman Client: Get Postman
  29. MITRE’s Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE): List
  30. Security Alerts for Vulnerable Dependencies: GitHub
  31. Monitoring: AppInsights
  32. Analytics in Application Insights: Documentation
  33. Triage Distributed Applications: Application Map
  34. Azure Storage Explorer: Download
  35. StackOverflow: Value cannot be null
  36. Microsoft BotBuilder


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