Video: Real-time Sentiment Prediction in SQL Server

This is candid recording of the live presentation I gave at Nova University on the morning of March 2nd, 2019 with South Florida Code Camp 2019. You can see the event info in my previous post.

I am made this recording for the attendees that were interested to play it back at their own pace. If there’s anything recorded that you find should be redacted, please email

DISCLAIMER: The following video is a candid capture of me giving the live presentation. It’s not super professional in any way. The audio or video may not be perfect, so adjust the volume on your device as needed during playback. The video and slides are not licensed for distribution, edit or sell for anyone, except the owner Hiram Fleitas. This video is not intended to exceed the quality of attending a live presentation.

Video 1st Part (30 minutes):

Video 2nd Part (30 minutes):



  • Add ML Features (exe components)
  • Grant Access (users, groups, add login & user)
  • Config (external scripts enabled, working directory)
  • Install Pre-Trained & Open Source ML Models (DNN) (PowerShell, rsetup.exe)
  • Code in Python and T-SQL (Visual Studio, SSMS)
  • Python Profiling (Visual Studio, execution plan, CPU)
  • Real-time scoring (rx_serialize_model, realtime_scoring_only = True)
  • Review Sentiment Results (sp_rxPredict wins!)
  • Resources


  1. Blog:
  2. Slides & Scripts:
  3. SQL Server R Services Samples: Microsoft Repo
  4. Visual Studio 2017: Download
  5. Microsoft AI: AI School Learning Paths
  6. Pre-Trained ML Models: Install in SQL Server
  7. SQL Server Machine Learning Services: Tutorials
  8. SQL Server Components to Support Python: Interaction of Components
  9. Threading ML: Logistic Regression
  10. Resource Governor: Alter External Resource Pool
  11. Interactive deep learning: Learn alert


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