Sentiment Prediction – Resources 😃

Here’s my Resources slide from this weekend’s presentation. Stay tuned – live recording coming soon.



  4. SQL Server R Services Samples: Microsoft Repo
  5. Pre-Trained ML Models: Install in SQL Server
  6. SQL Server Machine Learning Services: Tutorials
  7. SQL Server Components to Support Python: Interaction of Components
  8. Threading ML: Logistic Regression
  9. Resource Governor: Alter External Resource Pool
  10. Interactive deep learning: Learn alert

Speaker: Fleitas, Hiram
Location: Nova South Eastern University

2. (Room 2073 – ML) June 8, 2019 at 1:40pm:

This one was selected by the organizers due to popular interest, so I re-themed the slides and introduced an Azure Data Studio Notebook with Python & T-SQL that calls the cognitive text analytics rest API on a local docker container or the Azure cloud. You can go through the updated deck by looking at the PDF and all the content on my GitHub repo.

Feedback is always important. This is what the attendees rated my presentation.

Evals: Real-time Sentiment Prediction in SQL Server

Mark Neppl, Thank you for taking these photos during the presentation!


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