Hack / Protect SQL Server – Resources 💎

Here’s my Resources slide from this weekend’s presentation. Stay tuned – live recording coming soon.



  1. fleitasarts.com
  2. andy.pt
  3. SQL Server R Services Samples: Microsoft Repo
  4. Pre-Trained ML Models: Install in SQL Server
  5. SQL Server Machine Learning Services: Tutorials
  6. SQL Server Components to Support Python: Interaction of Components
  7. Threading ML: Logistic Regression
  8. Interactive deep learning: Learn alert
  9. ailab.microsoft.com
  10. aka.ms/sqlworkshops
  11. aka.ms/ss19
  12. github.com/hfleitas/Pixies
  13. talesofarcadia.fandom.com/wiki/Pixies
  14. netflix.com/trollhunters

Speaker: Fleitas, Hiram
Location: Nova South Eastern University

3. (Room 2082 – Security) June 8, 2019 at 4pm: https://sqlsaturday.com/864/Sessions/Details.aspx?sid=93016

This one of my favorite presentations cause it’s a lot of fun but cautious Security talks. I re-themed the slides to modernize them but I am wondering if I should publish the RLS exploit using T-SQL… I decided to stick with the plan to focus on how to protect against the exploit vs the exploit itself. You can through the updated deck as well by looking at the PDF or all the contents on my GitHub repo.

Feedback is always important. This was the last slot of the day, yet so many people came to see me hack/protect SQL Server. Here is what they rated my presentation.

Evals: Hack / Protect SQL Server – Learn Both

All the best,

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