SQL Server Big Data Cluster 🧭

This list of tools and resources are intended to help you manage a Big Data Cluster (SQL, PDW, HDFS, Spark, k8s) on SQL Server 2019. You can already start familiarizing yourself with them to better prepare your implementation.


VS Code

  1. Working with Docker in VS Code
  2. Working with Kubernetes in VS Code
  3. Remote Development Tips & Tricks
  4. Remote Development FAQ

Windows Environment

  1. Windows Terminal (Preview)
  2. WSL2 customization
  3. Install WSL on Windows Server


  1. Zsh kubectl plugin
  2. Kubectl command completion
  3. Minikube command completion
  4. Kubectl plugins

Why VS Code?

  • Cross-platform support
  • Rich ecosystem & development experience
  • Built-in script editing can be leveraged easily
  • Extensions bridge the gap between learning CLI & doing everything through a GUI
  • Microsoft extensions:
    1. Docker
    2. Kubernetes
    3. Remote Development Pack
      • Remote – SSH
      • Remote – WSL
      • Remote – Containers

Shell Setup

  • Windows 10 or Windows Server
    • WSL or git bash provides rich shell experience
  • MacOS/Linux – Use built-in shell
  • ZSH can further improve the experience
  • Leverage VS Code for the remote administration
  • Work from your favorite OS! 😍

Common Tasks


  • Browse registry
  • Find images
  • Run images
  • Manage containers


  • Debug & troubleshoot applications
  • Manage multiple clusters
  • Inspect k8s resources easily

Remote Development

  • Editing scripts using VS Code
  • SSH based experience
  • Git integration

Ref: Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Technical white paper


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