Recent Benchmark Studies 🧩

Perhaps you haven’t seen it. Hopefully it helps someone as it has others. It is specific to APS (Analytics Platform System) and PDW (Parallel Data Warehouse), even if you’re assessing other items.

Want to evaluate your cloud analytics provider? Here are the three questions to ask.

By Julia White, Corp VP, Microsoft Azure.

  1. Independent benchmark results
  2. Company-wide access to insights
  3. Security and privacy

2019 Gartner Magic Quadrants (Analytics – BI and Data Management)

The benchmark includes cost comparisons, not only performance metrics.

Always evaluate how easily (level-of-effort) one of these platforms integrates with your existing environment, suite of products and apps. In my past, I’ve seen many quick to sell an end-product, jump right to solutions without listening to customers and reveal very little about the implementation steps where the level-of-effort lies. On Microsoft Azure out-of-the-box the Security & Auditing capabilities work seamlessly across the platform, in a matter of just a few clicks they provide deep and automated reporting, even prevention, that help meet compliance regulations.

Clearly, this places Microsoft (as a manufacture) in a very competitive leader position.



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