SQL Saturday – Charlotte (918)

I’ll be speaking at Charlotte this weekend and it’ll be a first for me there. This is again quite exciting. I hope you get the chance to join me and come the conference.




Video from June 2019 (SQL Saturday #864)


  1. fleitasarts.com
  2. github.com/hfleitas/GameChanger
  3. github.com/hfleitas/seattle2019/1PowerPlatform
  4. Microsoft Learn
  5. Pricing
  6. Integrating Bing Maps into PowerApps with GPS
  7. Scrolling Screen (infinite scroll)
  8. Display User Profile Photo (for authentication)
  9. Modal (Pop-up) Screen
  10. Image Circle Crop
  11. Cortana Intro
  12. Sample canvas apps (Expense Report, Help Desk, Meeting Capture)
  13. Webinar Listing
  14. ROI Case Study
  15. AI Builder (*new)
  16. MBAS 2019 Keynote (*new)
  17. PBI Desktop – June 2019 Feature Summary (*new)
  18. Intelligent Process Automation with Microsoft Flow (*new)
  19. aka.ms/TryPVA (*new)
  20. aka.ms/PowerUp (*new)



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