ADX conditional format a Multi-Stat visual ๐Ÿš€


Start with a free database at & run this demo query.
let mytable = datatable(key:string, number:int)
    'one', 1,
    'two', 2
  1. Press Shift + Enter on your keyboard to see result.
  2. Click Share on the top right > Pin to dashboard
  3. Query name: demo
  4. Dashboard > Create new
  5. Name: demo
  6. Check View dashboard after creation
  7. Pin
  8. Click Edit pencil on the the top left to edit the dashboard.
  9. Click the pencil on the new pinned tile.

The goods

On the Visual formatting pane on the right, set:
  1. Visual type: Multi Stat
  2. Layout Slot configuration: 2 columns x 1 rows (2 slots)
  3. Conditional formatting Add rule(s)
  4. Operator > 1, color Green, tag label OK, apply
  5. Operator <= 1, color Yellow, tag label Warning, apply
  6. Color style Bold
  7. click Apply changes at the top to save.
  8. click Save changes to save your dashboard changes.

If you’d like to see more, click All dashboards, New dashboard dropdown, Sample Dashboards.


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