Looking back at 2018. Bought House Promoted at work Spoke at South Florida Code Camp Skylar was born Spoke at SQL Saturday Orlando & Tampa Improved coding skills (ML, Py, R, C#, Go, DAX, M) Ocean turned 3 Promoted at work again Contributed to open-source project BrentOzarULTD/SQL-Server-First-Responder-Kit (#1809) Accepted into SQLEAP Built 3 AI Bots… Continue reading 2018

VIDEO: 5 Questions from CIOs to SQL DBAs and Developers

TRANSCRIPT Hi, I’m Hiram and I’m a Database Administrator and Developer. I am recording this video to answer 5 questions I got recently from CIOs. 1. What have you done regarding DB high availability to assist with the implementation of Active/Active solutions? <See video: Answer 1 goes here> 2. Can you deconstruct how you solved… Continue reading VIDEO: 5 Questions from CIOs to SQL DBAs and Developers