Recent Benchmark Studies 🧩

Perhaps you haven't seen it. Hopefully it helps someone as it has others. It is specific to APS (Analytics Platform System) and PDW (Parallel Data Warehouse), even if you're assessing other items. Want to evaluate your cloud analytics provider? Here are the three questions to ask. By Julia White, Corp VP, Microsoft Azure. Independent benchmark results Company-wide… Continue reading Recent Benchmark Studies 🧩

Copy from On-Prem to Azure SQL with Azure Data Factory 📺

PASS Insights In this short video, I demonstrate how to copy data or multiple tables from an on-prem SQL Server, through a self-hosted run-time integration to Azure SQL DB Hyperscale and/or Azure SQL Data Warehouse with Azure Data Factory. Plus, how to automate tasks like Resuming or Pausing your Azure SQL Data Warehouse before or… Continue reading Copy from On-Prem to Azure SQL with Azure Data Factory 📺