1st Time Presenting at SFCodeCamp 2018

Well, that turned out much better than expected.

After receiving the news, the day before the conference, that I was selected to speak at South Florida Code Camp 2018, I shared the news with friends and colleagues inviting them to the event. Immediately, I rushed to prepare the necessary equipment and pick up my speaker shirt. With little time to rehearse, I found myself conducting the talk pretty well, but I would say “so…” between points more often than I preferred.

This was a great event and a lot of fun to speak at. Some of the more seasoned speakers mentioned it was the biggest turn-out they’ve seen for Code Camp. Definitely, I find myself doing this again with SFCodeCamp next year in 2019 if they’ll have me.


The audience was amazing and very interested in all the topics I covered. I loved the interactive questions during the talk. Lastly, I really appreciate the submitted evaluations which help me improve my presentation.

Special thx to @ScottKatarincic@DaveNoderer, @AlexFunkhouser and especially everyone that volunteered to make this event so awesome.



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