VIDEO: 5 Questions from CIOs to SQL DBAs and Developers


Hi, I’m Hiram and I’m a Database Administrator and Developer. I am recording this video to answer 5 questions I got recently from CIOs.

1. What have you done regarding DB high availability to assist with the implementation of Active/Active solutions?

<See video: Answer 1 goes here>

2. Can you deconstruct how you solved an issue to optimize infrastructure or fixed a crippling issue that halted a company’s productivity and growth?

<See video: Answer 2 goes here>

3. How well do you work with software developers and what do you think about them?

<See video: Answer 3 goes here>

4. Have you found a bug in SQL Server that the engineers didn’t know about that caused corruption, etc?

<well, you get the point>

5. What experience do you have with automation, AI, and data science?

<and the last one goes here…>

Well, thank you for watching and pls feel free to post more questions in the section below.

If you’re interested in seeing some of the code I mentioned, pls check out my GitHub.

Have a great day!

 – Hiram


This clip was intended to be 2-minutes max, which is why I am speaking at 100 mph. If I’m speaking too fast, feel free to replay it. – Thanks to YouTube!

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

If you want to give me feedback, email me at hiramfleitas at hotmail dot com.

Basically, I was asked to record myself for 1-2 minutes talking about the work I do for a living – it didn’t go that way.

So I thought…What would someone would ask a DBA/Dev in an elevator?…Besides, Hold the door. Or… Floor number, please. How could I use this effort to make something valuable for CIOs, Tech Managers, DBAs and/or Developers?

Therefore, to better materialize the idea, I reached out to friends and colleagues that are CIOs and in leadership positions to gather some sample questions they would ask a SQL DBA or Developer. Out of 8 questions I got from them, I narrowed down to 5 really good ones.

Then, after just 20 hrs of writing, 2 days of recording, a few hrs of editing (during SuperBowl LII), my uncle and I that barely got to watch the game were really happy with the finished clip and 5.5 minutes elapsed time.

The overall feedback I got from folks that previewed it privately was excellent. Of course, I learned some lessons along the way and I plan to make it better next time.

I know I read from the laptop more than I should of; however, it shows I was prepared. I had zero time to rehearse and didn’t have a teleprompter.

The fact is, this is very difficult even if you know the answer by heart. There are people in the background smoking cigarettes, shoutting, doing construction, dogs barking, all while you’re trying to focus on something that’s very technical, plus you have 2 bright lamps in your face that completely blind you, and then a boat or plane the flies by, etc… Just like in life, things happen, you just have to roll with it and keep on going.

Now that its public, I hope you get to enjoy it.

Here are some behind the scenes shots.


Here’s the recap of SuperBowl LII.



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